Correct posture

Steve North explains how you can have posture like a pro

All good players have great posture, in fact next time you watch golf on TV look for a professional with poor posture – you won’t find one…

I want you to practice this drill to make sure you have posture like a pro, it’s a great drill because you can do it at the range or at home.

Hold a club so that it runs down your spine starting from the base of your neck to just above your bottom. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing out slightly.

From here add a slight amount of flex to your knees so that you cover up your shoe laces.

Now tilt from your hips keeping the club running down your spine until you feel the weight on the balls of your feet.

Now drop the club on the ground and let your arms hang naturally, the position they are now hanging in is where your hands should be when holding a club in your hands.

With practice you will have posture like a pro.