The Girls Enjoy Another Texas Scramble23/06/2015

SALJGA organised another Texas Scramble competition for girls on Sunday.  It was played over 9 holes on the Strathyrum.

This was the second girls’ team event of the season and although it didn’t attract quite the same numbers as the earlier Hot Chocolate scramble, it was well attended.  I suspect the hot chocolate may be a bigger draw than the golf.  Eleven girls played in the event and were divided into 3 teams.  The Dance Show Divas led the way, they were Gabrielle Thomson, Tara Earley and Abbey and Tara Wallace.  The Pelicans, Rebecca Curnyn, Anna Clark, Ellen Caton and Eilidh Cunnigham followed them on to the tee and subsequently down the fairway.  The final team were Aimee McClymont, Annabelle Sey and Emily Montgomery, who were called the As.  The weather was a little breezy but it remained dry and the scores were very impressive and close, ranging from 39 to 42 for the 9 holes.  Once team size and other variables were accounted for, it was decided everyone deserved a prize of a white woollen hat as a reward.  I was extremely grateful to all the helpers who ensured a healthy pace of play was maintained throughout.